Having an exhibition coming up is always an exciting project. It may seem like a giant to tackle, but when you break the project into smaller steps, it will be easier to visualize what type of work, and in which order it is wise to execute.

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When you have ample time to concentrate in the project, the work is very rewarding and a lot of fun. In this course we will go thru all the important steps to be considered to secure an exhibition at a gallery.

Why have an exhibition?
It is important to exhibit your work because:

  • Exhibiting your work is a great way to focus on certain aspects or subjects in your photography.
  • It is a great opportunity to develop in your photography.
  • It will give you a clear picture where your work stands at.
  • It will show you that people like your work and you will gain self-confidence in your work.
  • It will bring purpose and direction to your work in much deeper way than just taking a random image every now and then.
  • You start to build a network which will further help you in your artistic path.
  • It is a lot of fun!

This course consists of a downloadable PDF file which gives you the guide to applying to art galleries.

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In this course you will

  • Get a downloadable PDF guide
  • Research potential venues
  • Learn more about galleries
  • Network and make yourself known
  • And learn how to contact galleries

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